Royalty Free Music Clips

Earn 50% Commissions on Every Sale!

Becoming an Affiliate and Earning Money is as simple as 1-2-3-4!

1. If you do not have a ClickBank account already, sign-up here.
2. Take your ClickBank "nickname" and utilize my Affiliate Toolbox section.
3. Incorporate my Affiliate Tools into your marketing campaign.
4. Earn commission on every sale you generate.

It's very simple to earn commissions by promoting my Royalty Free Music Clips Package.

My Royalty Free Music Clips Package sells for $37.00 USD. For every sale you refer to my site, I will pay you 50% Commission (less ClickBank processing fees).

I use to manage the sales and delivery of my products, as well as manage my affiliate program. They are a trusted third party affiliate management company, so you can rest assured that your commissions will always be paid fairly and on time. ClickBank is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital information products. will even credit you for a sale if your buyer does not buy on the first day. So even if they come back weeks later, you still get paid. ClickBank always pays the last affiliate who referred the customer to the site.

Who actually pays you?
ClickBank does. You are paid weekly or bi-weekly depending on whether you want a check or direct deposit. You can find out how much you've earned anytime by checking the status of your commissions in real-time through your ClickBank account. For complete details on Clickbank's affiliate system checkout their FAQs page here.

Do you offer any marketing material or help?
Absolutely! You have instant access to my Affiliate Toolbox which contains awesome banners, buttons, and much more. The only way for me to be successful is to help my affiliates become successful, so I will be continually creating new and better marketing materials to help you succeed!

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?
Becoming an affiliate is absolutely FREE. If you do not have a ClickBank account yet, you will need to create one. Once you have your ClickBank "nickname" you can grab some promotional graphics here. You don't even need your own website.

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